Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Praha, Czech Rep

Crossing a busy street from the narrow alley I passed in Praha to Prague Castle on the other side reminds me of the possible obstacles to achieve your goals and dreams. You never know what happen to the street you’re going to cross in front of you. That’s why there’s a traffic light and a place to pray to keep you safe to reach your destination. In order to succeed, working hard on your own is just not enough. You need other people to help you and God to give you blessings.

The traffic light and its red button below represent other people’s help (who create the traffic light). The statue of Jesus represents God’s blessings, even though it’s too abstract to show blessings in a physical form. Crowded street and the other side, which is unseen until you climb the stairs, represents winding and rocky road you may find on the way to success. There’s no escalator or elevator to success, only stairs. Success is the process, not a destination or a quick scheme program.

Never give up on your dreams, even if you reach the peak of trouble. Remember to move forward and take action to achieve them. When you’re successful, don’t forget to thank people who help you and God who gives you strength and blessings – so don’t stop praying.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

  1. That is one inspiring journey of faith. Life is not easy but with God on our side, somehow we make it through. I hope and pray that all you dreams and wishes will come true. Sometimes it may take a little longer. Mine took awhile but it finally did although I would say our dreams to change every year depending on circumstances. God bless.


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