Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist: Morning View from the Plane

The following is my answer to the challenge on Minimalist:

mountains in the sky

Those who know me know best how much I hate catching a morning flight, especially I’m not completely “awake” and my grey cells are still half-dead. But something happened.

Usually, the flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta only takes 45 minutes. It’s such a short trip that you sometimes don’t have enough time to close your eyes for a quick nap. Nonetheless, when I was on board, the departure was 15 minutes behind schedule and that’s not it. The plane was taxiing longer than it should be because the air force occupied the airside areas for training. Some passengers slept, listened to the music, chit chatted to kill the time, some just stared at their watch, waiting for the time comes for landing.

Despite the delay, I got something in return. I looked at the window and stunned with the amazing view before me: clear blue sky with the peak of Mount Merbabu on the left and Mount Merapi on the right side, floating on a “fluffy” cloud. I know I wouldn’t be able to see this unless my plane spent another extra 30 minutes to wander the sky.

The next thing I did was to race with the moving plane while capturing the nature beauty before it’s gone. In the beginning, I was worried about the smudged stain on the top left of the window. But thank God, I was relieved that my Fuji didn’t succeed to capture that annoying stain.

Probably it was the best morning experience ever. I’m grateful that I woke up that morning.