Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says, “Honesty is the Best Policy”

I’ve been wandering around the globe and found out one thing that we, citizens of the world, often miss nowadays: honesty. So, what has honesty got to do with traveling? A lot, especially when it is sacrificed many times for tons of reasons. Look around us: souvenir vendors bullying buyers, showing an expired or a fake student card to get a discounted ticket to the museum, taking a subway without paying the fare, modifying a taxi meter to cheat passengers, pick-pocketing tourists’ wallets, and oh dear, gimme more examples. I know you can do it.

“Honesty is the best policy”. An old saying that will never be obsolete. Signs we see around us speak for themselves how much we’ve been dreaming of scam-free cities.

Honesty Market, Reykjavic

Fruits in the wooden basket are for sale, not samples. But no employees outside keeping an eye for the fruits either. Honesty of the buyers is being tested.

Charlie Brown Cafe, Singapore

Check your bill. Claim a refund if there’s any service charge included.

Mirota Store, Jogjakarta

“COPET DILARANG MASUK” (no pickpockets allowed). Nothing more to explain. Though real pickpockets pretend not to understand what it means or just don’t give a shit.

Still at Mirota, when the big signboard at the back is zoomed in…..

“WATCH YOUR MOBILE PHONE AND WALLET. It’s fun to be a pickpocket, huh? Get goodies for free? Sorry, man! GET REAL, WAKE UP!” Call your priest, if not the police, to make a confession.

Penang Cab
image credit: http://www.penang-traveltips.com/taking-the-taxi.htm

“This taxi uses meter. Bargaining’s not allowed. Get the receipt.” Though I didn’t take this picture, I experienced how it applies in real life in Penang. Very few or none of those taxis actually use meter, including the ones with the sign on the door. The sign says, “I’m lying to you!”