Meeting The Peanuts at Charlie Brown Cafe

The Peanuts Movie is no longer showing on cinemas in my country. Sadly, I have to accept that I miss it. But actually, long before the movie launching, I once stumbled upon  Charlie Brown Cafe on Grange Road, situated in the middle of the busiest shopping street in Singapore, Orchard Road.

P1130301 copy

I was looking for a place to sit and talk comfortably to meet an old friend of mine somewhere in Orchard Road, since I was sightseeing in that area with my parents. Getting a nice and unique place for photography would be a plus.

All of the sudden, I noticed something very familiar on my right side when I was walking down the street. Charlie Brown stood confidently outside his cafe, making a statement that, “There is no service charge in my cafe”. That’s not all. The most famous beagle in the world, Snoopy, was sitting comfortably greeting people with his huge smile and ready to zip his coffee.
P1130302 copy.jpg

These two fellas stood out among the crowds, making it the perfect place for an “unforgettable” meeting point in the city I don’t know the orientation that well.

I couldn’t hide my excitement to see the giant Snoopy with his cuteness and lovely smile right before me. There’s no way I would miss this opportunity to visit him and his “family” in their small world less than 100 square meters.

P1130340 copy
outdoor area

The Peanuts family portraits were from top to toe, where the largest one was on the wall facing guests and crowds passing by outside the cafe. The comic strips under the canopy reminded people how the story of their friendship and the daily life complexity among them get its fame worldwide.

Look at the ceiling and the dining tables. The appearance of the smiley faces of each character assisted us no matter where we were and saluted us from every angle. How sweet.

P1130341 copy
the ceiling

My friend, whom I have known since kindergarten, chuckled that I chose Charlie Brown Cafe just because I like Snoopy a lot. Here’s to never growing up!

Occupying a spot in the outdoor area, it would be more ethical to have something Charlie offered in his cafe. As hunger didn’t strike us at all, a glass of strawberry smoothie and a cup of caffé latte would do just fine. Would the coffee be as good as how Snoopy described on his face?

P1130298 copy
comic strips

Our orders took longer than expected for a quiet traffic on that day. Fortunately, we were in a very engaging conversation that really killed the waiting time. I almost called the waiter asking for our drinks, but he already brought them to our table.

Something didn’t quite right from the way he held the glass or the cup. For the correct manner and hygiene reason, he should not grab near the edge of it, the spot where the lips zip the drinks. The latte mug had a handle to avoid the boiling heat. Strawberry smoothie was a cold drink, so he could simply hold the main body of the glass. I think he missed the top three lesson on serving drinks to customers.

Was he new? A part timer who only worked ten hours per week?

Oh hey, there you go. Woodstock’s smile could bring back the good mood. I don’t always meet Woodstock in the latte, therefore I should immortalize it in my camera before it turned cold.

Generally speaking, the latte and the smoothie were just okay, not so bad but not the best either. They could improve them with stronger coffee taste in the latte or the strawberry taste in the strawberry smoothie.

However, I realized from the start that the priority of the visit was not about tasting signature food or drinks. Signature characters were the in the limelight of everything presented in the cafe, to create some kind of bond between the good fellas and the fans worldwide although The Peanuts gang don’t exist in real life.

P1130342 copy.jpg

The friendship never ends, yet we had to end the hangout moment because she had another appointment to catch. The bill came to our table. Charlie literally kept his promise, not to put service charge in his cafe.

We had a great time updating each other’s current news after not seeing each other for long time. Overall, it was a fun experience, thanks to the atmosphere recalling a small part of great childhood memories.