About GalOnTrip


Hi! My name is Nydia, a proud citizen from Jakarta, a hectic and vibrant capital city of Indonesia having the worst traffic jam in the world, and the gal behind this blog. I am a fashion business school graduate in The Netherlands, a graphic design drop-out student in Malaysia and a humble employee in Indonesia. In the world of blogosphere, I reveal the other side of me as a travel blogger.

I share the ultimate guide and unbiased reviews on popular and off the beaten path destinations, hotels and restaurants I visited around the world to give insights what to see, do and what to expect from the visits, so you can decide which destinations that suit your taste to help you defining your own way of travelling.

My articles are also featured on gpsmycity.com, a revolutionary app available on both iOs and Android, that enable you to convert them into a map.

Nonetheless, that a perfect travel itinerary is not always a guarantee for a flawless journey. There are times when flaws are just inevitable no matter how many travel books or online travel tip articles you read, and it’s part of the art of travelling. You will discover the true self of you, realizing that you are more capable than you think while facing the challenges during the trip.

What matters the most is that you learn from them and look at the bright side of every single thing about your travels. One day, it will be memorable and you may laugh at yourself and think it’s funny. Yeah, I really feel that way over the years!

May the spirit of travelling be with you!



9 thoughts on “About GalOnTrip

    1. hi, i’m honored. thank you! especially my posts are relatively few and the blog is relatively new compared to others. as a starter, i will learn the details about the requirements and i still need to learn how to paste the award on a sidebar, never done that before 😉 i need to sneak in yours first as an example! happy holidays!


  1. Hey gal 🙂 Your blog is amazing! Thank you for the interesting stories.
    I want to ask you something regarding my master thesis. I am doing it on travel blogs to answer the question how blogging influences travelling. I would be really glad to have a little chat with you about it. I can give you more information via email, just contact me, you would really help me! I am looking forward to hearning from you! Greetings from the Netherlands, Marie


    1. hoi marie, gaat goed met jou? thanks for visiting my site!
      feel free to chat, I’ll be happy to help with your thesis.
      the subject sounds interesting, anyways! veel success!


  2. Hi Kusje,

    This is Saul at GPSmyCity, a publisher of travel apps on iTunes App Store and Google Play. We have reviewed your blog and are interested in working with you to convert some of your blog posts into mobile apps so they can be monetized on iTunes App Store and Google Play. There is no cost to you – we work with blogger on a revenue share basis.

    If you wish to learn more about this opportunity, please reply to my email so I will send you additional information.

    Best regards,
    Saul Tarasoff


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