How I Start Blogging

The oldest form of blogging is writing. Therefore, the story goes from how the gal starts writing. Now let me transform the gal into the first person point of view, which is “I”.

Inspired by Enid Blyton’s Noddy and Donald Duck comic strips, I decided to write several children’s story with more images than texts, and a few series of comic strips when I was in elementary school. The results are something I would never be proud of and my drawings are pretty bad, indeed. As far as I can remember, the only person who ever read it was my dad.

Once I wrote a diary. But finally, I stop doing it because it’s simply not challenging to write stuffs for myself and no one reads it.

Along came high school with boring lessons. What’s the better camouflage than eating and sleeping in the class to kill the time in such situation? My friends and I suddenly found something came out of the blue: Writing!

So how did it work?

Each of us created a “pass-on story book” to write drama or suspense (or whatever), that allowed us to write opinions and comments about them. Physically, the book had look as “regular” as possible to avoid suspicion from the teachers’ side. This activity was initially restricted to our own inner circle

A few months later, we got a few more readers (read: classmates) and contributors apart from our circle who shared their imagination in literature form, without having the pass-on story book itself. They either wrote it in my book or my friend’s one. I think they found it more amusing than reading math. The more the merrier.

One day, it was a bit out of control. One of our teachers caught my friend reading my story in the class. You can guess what happened next, the book was confiscated! All my hard works were gone with the wind without any back-ups. The only way to get it back was to arrange an appointment between my parents, or hers, and the teacher. Since it was too risky and troublesome, I voluntarily let it go. 

The activity still continued, with more precaution, lasted for a couple of years until we started getting busy with final exams for graduation. Nowadays, none of us become a writer. Yet the memory of good old days leaves on.

The emerging trend of blogging reminds me of our high school pass-on story book. In my point of view, what we did was more or less like a blog with restricted readers. The only differences are the pass-on story book was hand-written and fictional. I feel like doing this again, so why not making use of blogs?

I realize that these days you don’t have to be a literature connoisseur to be an author. Nonetheless, I also realize that I won’t be able to compete JK Rowling’s or JRR Tolkien’s or Hitchcock’s out of the box imagination and ideas that blow their readers away. I decided not to do fictions any longer.

I’d rather share my travel stories to the world and become a protagonist in my own site. I just don’t think I should create fictional characters if my real life experience could be something interesting to tell.

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! Have a great trip!



6 thoughts on “How I Start Blogging

  1. You are right. Nowadays we can write for as long as our heart and passion is in it. The readers our now more open, accepting and appreciative that ever. Beautiful blog. Oh, and yes, I’m from the Philippines where they say, “Is always fun!”


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