The Silent Niagara

I recalled my visit to Canadian part of Niagara Falls last year in the first week of December. The sound of water streams camouflaged that of cheering and chattering crowds. Seldom did I feel tranquility in highly visited tourist attractions. In this situation, laughing out loud and screaming seemed inappropriate to do although “Making noises is prohibited” was not written in Niagara Falls house rules. For many, holiday season was still two weeks to go.

It was probably one of the best moments for those who are crazy for capturing moments through the lenses  including me, despite lacking of skills and knowledge. No blonde, brunette, black, grey heads and foreheads blocking my vision. No “unwanted people” passing in front of me (I mean, my lens) or behind the object after getting the right angle. No waiting line in visitor’s favourite spots for taking pictures.

Nonetheless, souvenir shops, Hershey’s Store, Hard Rock Cafe, Clifton Hill and other main attractions around the neighbourhood felt so dead without crowds who usually distract my photo hunting activity. Riding a roller coaster and giant wheel, visiting a haunted house, watching 4D theater at Clifton Hill without queuing up sounds like an efficient time management and no cranky feeling guaranteed. But I can imagine that doing those things all alone for hours without other people seating beside me, whether I know them or not, looks like a desperate weirdo.

I would like to drag you to the silent atmosphere at the falls and its surroundings through my pictures. Using a bit of imagination, I’m trying to figure out what the objects I captured would say about the silence if they could speak.


No boats operating during winter time. You either can see me from here……

niagara falls

….or here.

bridge to the states

Just cross the bridge, then you will reach The States within a few minutes. Forget about the boat and cable car!

It’s a beautiful day, only less people feed me today


Ooh…ehm….hello….do we look all right?

Frankenstein: I eat more burgers than I should and nobody can stop me from that!

King Kong: I’ve made it! I scared them the hell out and now (almost) everybody’s leaving me!

It’s fun….anyone?

Who’s gonna take us home tonight?

There won’t be any thrill without your presence

Trying too hard to treat you

Let us entertain you! Ehm…..where are you?


I’ll give you thousands of “kisses” only if you purchase a lot from my store!

Welcome! Help us increasing our sales, thank you!!

Those people far right…yep! They are “crowds” of the day

Closing transactions is an enduring job


It’s time for me (the cable car) to hibernate….


My title “World Biosphere Reserve” doesn’t always make me the most wanted site. Low and high season somehow makes me feel……indifferent

I believe I don’t need to tell as much as what I usually do. Silence is the at the centre stage right now and therefore I should talk (write) less. Let images get their turn to speak louder than words.

Last but not least, do you agree with my little “imagination”, my thoughts about what the images would say about silence if they could speak?

And ssst………happy holidays everyone!


6 thoughts on “The Silent Niagara

  1. nice! always fun to see niagara without the crowds. many years ago me, marcel and tessa saw jackie chan here, he probably came precisely because there are no crowds to bother him 😛


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